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Well, this just happened MrPeg Gyahahaha xD Omega068
bots, zoo, and the meta-complaints gray.timothyjames zoo sober
The Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular Request Thread MexicanAce Mostly Decking GomJabbar
Thanks for the awesome Shaman decks Day9... MrUada Awesome stream zeek
Hearthstone Laddering Mage theillwill Day[9] Face-masher oldspike


Friday Knights Korabard ... Jess9000
DayKnight Writer's Hangout SteppeLively :3 manbon
DayKnight Time Hangout SteppeLively DayKnight Time #33 Trumpetmcool
Mostly Walking Feedback Thread Day9 Second Shenumue for DC, and a vote for Space Quest 4 or 5! 0neder
Halloween Show Niftyswiff Ah... Probably not Sacredsun

Starcraft 2

I have a peculiar problem. Tomberry Hrm Omega068
Funday Monday Tournament ROUND FOUR BEGINS! manbon Funday Monday Tournament - Round 4! manbon
Quasarprintf's stream printf reaper time printf
Day[Knight] Showmatches Omega068 Fourth Weekend of October! Omega068
Day[9] (and Tasteless) at Blizzcon vexon Day[9] (and Tasteless) at Blizzcon vexon

Starcraft 2 Strategy

[H] Being More Aggresive and General Help krisna.siv Request Sent krisna.siv
[H] Diamond/ Platinum - Zerg vs. Terran - Widow Mine Problems TheProbeToss Micro Training Morrissey
[H] ZvZ +1 Roach Defence BUNGHOLE Replays for Reference: BUNGHOLE
[G] [H] Looking for a Protoss Coach!!! Blacksmith2011 My advice printf
[H] Terran Vs. Protoss Help TheFireMnky only 3 minutes in iBlagg

Other Games

Heroes of the Storm - Blizzard MOBA fazzino.joe Ah my bad Omega068
Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! Day9 Alien Isolation should be a little easier on him BowlUndrFire
Speedrunning Quest for Glory 1 Crow. Action RPGs are my norm Crow.
TA Zero - Worthy game for the best RTS-engine regarding playing feel PF0959 :( TaShadan
Day[9] and Go anewbie . nabya

Games in Academia

Internships as a Game-Developer/Programmer Exirason Sounds fair Exirason
Thinking of using DAYKNIGHTS IN MY TERM PAPER! loguidice I love the concept. chasesc
High School ESports Discussion and Development SteppeLively Wow BeastlyDayKnight
StarCraft and Day[9]tv can help make you a better learner shindigs Nice Arcenus
Game Design VS Game Analysis misread_ DayKnights are everywhere! misread_


[D] Day Off: Starcraft 1/Brood War single player carlfish Day Off: Starcraft 1/Brood War single player carlfish
[W] A detail in the site (window) title Kuro A detail in the site (window) title Kuro
iTunes Podcast not working leadfeather89 No News Yet. Suggestions? SteppeLively
[D] Requested in starcraft part of forum. GSL season. GreatPlays Requested in starcraft part of forum. GSL season. GreatPlays
[D] this used to be about starcraft ... horst I like HS, but... Pollux

Indie Games

Vanirs VENGEANCE(ANDROID rts) sEadog Vanirs VENGEANCE(ANDROID rts) sEadog
Project Atlas - Dawn of War II's Spiritual Sequel? glen.cooney It can be expected... Nightstrider
Renegade - Retro Arcade Space Shooter. F.Sargas hey there :D F.Sargas
Indie game: Town of Salem - Stand-alone Mafia/Werwolf video game BlankMediaGames Trump LordMatsu
Coraabia (MMO trading card game) myLAAN Thanks for the feedback myLAAN