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How to Beat Heroic Final Boss- Arachnid Quarter^^ tentative_panda Interestingly enough, the final one was the easiest for me Kai.Herbertz
Maexxna on Heroic MarcHare Nice tentative_panda
DayKnight Hearthstone Friends List (NA) Bedouin LORDMATSU LordMatsu
What emotes would you add? conastatu good idea LTC
Aggro paladin with HEALS HandiQuacks thanks! HandiQuacks


New content inquiry! Day9 NEWBIE TUESDAY????? jke348
Day9 music Faroukrulz He music hasn't changed much LordMatsu
Day[9]TV Volunteer List SteppeLively Alice (Cappy) CappyJ
Stuff Sean Likes Day9 Dresden-Files Whisle
Because I said I would: TEDxUtica LordMatsu Because I said I would: TEDxUtica LordMatsu

Starcraft 2

Join our Thursday Night Showdown tournament! vgrecleague If you have questions... vgrecleague
DayKnight Festival (Rescheduled) August 15th-17th! GMFaustus admin truan.morrish
Practice Partners itsbecca Practice Buddies ! ^-^ Morrissey
Funday Monday Topics Xdeathknight 'nnoying Nydus! TheProbeToss
Day[Knight] Showmatches Omega068 Third Weekend of July Omega068

Starcraft 2 Strategy

[H] [H] Some questions for HIGH league ZERG from a newb please :) Velity I just got masters BeastlyDayKnight
[H] Looking for a protoss coach. GMFaustus My clans BeastlyDayKnight
[H] Help me thread makios Two ways; Spear Head it or Go Around and kill the guy Kleinschmidt.Jeff
[H] [T] My Coaching Project facelid I get what you're trying to do sonar114
[H] Where did i go wrong? :/ Shane11997 Occasional Zerg Player PsyPB-Tango

Other Games

Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! Day9 Heralded as one of the most influential pioneers in RPG history armerryman
Destiny Beta Codes - PS4 (Europe) Ossoona7 Awesome jakob.colebarnett
DayKnight Private Minecraft Server~! FelicityPlott YES Threxor
[World Of Warcraft] [Hellscream-Eu] <Edge Of Fear> Recruiting For WoD! JWH-Yuma lf tanks + healers JWH-Yuma
League compared to Starcraft? wufflecake Thanks! wufflecake

Games in Academia

Thinking of using DAYKNIGHTS IN MY TERM PAPER! loguidice Posting admin_lofs
High School ESports Discussion and Development SteppeLively Wow BeastlyDayKnight
StarCraft and Day[9]tv can help make you a better learner shindigs Nice Arcenus
Game Design VS Game Analysis misread_ DayKnights are everywhere! misread_
"Commercial games for academic literacy" - games that help us learn to shindigs Yay for for uncertainty SteppeLively


[D] Revival of Newbie Tuesday? xOois One small problem fdas
iTunes Podcast not working leadfeather89 See my first response to the post SteppeLively
E-mail notifications Kuro Thank you :) mirrageofhope
[D] Is it possible to gift someone a twitch Day[9] subscription? Whiskey Nope Cadwah
[D] 'Watch Dogs' Day Off Parts 6+ not uploaded on Youtube/Blip BowlUndrFire Fixing Now.... SteppeLively

Indie Games

Aegis Defenders ConradVoltaire Thanks! ConradVoltaire
Want to make a GAME? bluedrop I replied to your email :) bluedrop
Project Atlas (Artillery Games) cool ideas Minerthreat micro execution printf
Haven: Titan Command, 2 player card game on Kickstarter Strife169 Haven: Titan Command, 2 player card game on Kickstarter Strife169
Project Atlas (Artillery Games) Update Discussion krisna.siv The last point you make I think is a really cool point SteppeLively