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Day[9], as a card Rade I only play Magic FDRpi
Dragon Paladin, Revisited Tennyson1842 Dragon Paladin, Revisited Tennyson1842
it IS always huffer! Floris LOL, Huffer Devolhan
The Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular Request Thread MexicanAce Mysterious Champion Paladin visiblehowl
Army of 1-1s! Radders Army of 1-1s! Radders


East Coast DayKnight meet-up 2016! Hinamatsurigirl East Coast DayKnight meet-up 2016! Hinamatsurigirl
#GymLadyKnights 1opinionated I don't have a cat renn
Mostly Walking Feedback Thread Day9 I agree, monkey island is a must bluefootedpig
A possible, upcoming give-away Ossoona7 A possible, upcoming give-away Ossoona7
East Coast DayKnight Meetup 2015! Hinamatsurigirl Wheee idlesatire

Starcraft 2

Fever Clan is recruiting for Starcraft 2! leomaric Members wanted jbo96
anyone know of any cool 1 base protoss allins? YourTheWorst pvp on dash and terminal printf
Day[Knight] Showmatches Omega068 Schedule updated Omega068
Macro Mechanics and Game Modes cohLysion I don't like it printf
Day[9] and SC2 thiago-bianchi Reddit thread, and lots of links cohLysion

Starcraft 2 Strategy

[H] [T] LotV openings? ChrispyK Zerg Builds InvalidUsername
[G] Cannon rush guide - video tutorial series printf this one was great galan
[G] A terran build im semi-confident it is viable enough for standart play profit What happend ?  SiegeTank153
[T] [H] Protoss new player seeking guidance vervamon Staircase Practice RedHeadKev
[H] ZvT Mass Ravens Catpockets specific recommendations bryan.lamb.167

Other Games

Heroes of the Storm [Fever Clan] recruiting tiltedslim Great clan GreenDiablo
Looking for Tabletop RPG Players for Stream NethyR I'm game :D narciso-liu
Amnesia: Justine ntucker allowfullscreen margotbean
"Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions thread" compiled list Rade +1 LordMatsu
Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! Day9 Sega Classic: Gunstar Heroes animeryoka

Games in Academia

Looking for participants for my online (game-related) study ColbyJ Access Denied ColbyJ
Ludica publications EveWhite Late to the party cohLysion
Artificial Intelligence Brood War Tournament certicky Artificial Intelligence Brood War Tournament certicky
Who does great analysis? BingoBob Sequelitis and GDSE! an
I Need Some Tips For Creating A High School eSports Club madflip tl:dr Mawtzaballz


Can't fullscreen videos? Molteriet Nicely done! Molteriet
[D] [W] Videos not working omgpuppies News about SteppeLively
[D] [daily] Starcraft Content / Starbow infleto [daily] Starcraft Content / Starbow infleto
Wierd bug Cpt.Skuf Results SteppeLively
Feedback to you Day[9] MylilPwny yip. totally agree. the horrors are hystericallly funny! Jade

Indie Games

Text-Only Adventure/RPG Game [v0.9.5] leonard.lindenau @lack of feedback leonard.lindenau
Teslagrad --Magnetism and electricity VolleMotion A question Yecomer
Let's make games! Arne Neat Idea! InvalidUsername
Browser-based Arcadey Platformer ijames428 Feedback in the future ijames428
Littlewargame - an HTML5 RTS Multiplayer Game im working on jbs This is awesome ijames428