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Required addition to the "King of Manners" Zhugebob Required addition to the "King of Manners" Zhugebob
How too buy Naxxramas Wing 2 (probably) nexVereor I'll have to try this cshoemaker
I get the hype but... SC2!!! KarelTheTossMaster The segmented KarelTheTossMaster
A Secret in Hearthstone from Blizzard GhostStalker WOW LordMatsu
A cheap shaman deck that does very well biogoo Shaman is nuts right now bronzeager


Red Bull Battlegrounds: Detroit pure27 If you watched Atlanta... krisna.siv
Mostly Walking Feedback Thread Day9 Myst to the max! DivanVis
RIP Funday Monday? fdas Not only has he an insane schedule KevinAndersson
dayTickle travis.willard.96 I don't know much about BTTV emotes travis.willard.96
Building a Custom Computer Desk AquaMarine Vents Completed (half of them) AquaMarine

Starcraft 2

Funday Monday Topics Xdeathknight Worst Commander Ever ThirteeNone
Daily request blitzkriegsc2 Daily request blitzkriegsc2
Now this is what keeps me going. Aptus Awesome stuff BeastlyDayKnight
With WCS Coming up, I figured we needed some hype Cyanide That BeastlyDayKnight
Day9 on the Joe Rogan Experience! stephenzahn ooh BeastlyDayKnight

Starcraft 2 Strategy

[H] Help/advice for a bronze/silver protoss Ryter Staircase hovercraft2x
[H] [T] My Coaching Project facelid Was this worth a necro? printf
[H] [H] Some questions for HIGH league ZERG from a newb please :) Velity I just got masters BeastlyDayKnight
[H] Looking for a protoss coach. GMFaustus My clans BeastlyDayKnight
[H] Help me thread makios Two ways; Spear Head it or Go Around and kill the guy Kleinschmidt.Jeff

Other Games

Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! Day9 Divinity: Original Sin Eldrin_Jak
Mostly Walking KQVI: Where else have I heard that voice? aspera Mostly Walking KQVI: Where else have I heard that voice? aspera
UbiSoft - Outland mirrageofhope UbiSoft - Outland mirrageofhope
Destiny Beta Codes - PS4 (Europe) Ossoona7 All Open Ossoona7
DayKnight Private Minecraft Server~! FelicityPlott YES Threxor

Games in Academia

Thinking of using DAYKNIGHTS IN MY TERM PAPER! loguidice Posting admin_lofs
High School ESports Discussion and Development SteppeLively Wow BeastlyDayKnight
StarCraft and Day[9]tv can help make you a better learner shindigs Nice Arcenus
Game Design VS Game Analysis misread_ DayKnights are everywhere! misread_
"Commercial games for academic literacy" - games that help us learn to shindigs Yay for for uncertainty SteppeLively


[D] Accepting Bitcoin. troy.johnston.7777 I signed up just to write this robert.witting
[D] Is it possible to gift someone a twitch Day[9] subscription? Whiskey There may be some work-arounds for this. BowlUndrFire
[D] Revival of Newbie Tuesday? xOois One small problem fdas
iTunes Podcast not working leadfeather89 See my first response to the post SteppeLively
E-mail notifications Kuro Thank you :) mirrageofhope

Indie Games

Browser Indie strategy game free LAb It's nice to see the hipe you guys!! :D bluedrop
Aegis Defenders ConradVoltaire Kickstarter Launched! ConradVoltaire
Want to make a GAME? bluedrop I replied to your email :) bluedrop
Project Atlas (Artillery Games) cool ideas Minerthreat micro execution printf
Haven: Titan Command, 2 player card game on Kickstarter Strife169 Haven: Titan Command, 2 player card game on Kickstarter Strife169