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Hearthstone Deck List/Guide LordMatsu Amaz Midrange Naxx druid saintgeminis
DayKnight Hearthstone Friends List (NA) Bedouin Yes. Mochalite
Hate Zoo and Hunter - then secret Paladin is for you! rdvark Hate Zoo and Hunter - then secret Paladin is for you! rdvark
The Cure for Meta Madness: Clown Farm, the RNG Therapist PickledParsleyParty The Cure for Meta Madness: Clown Farm, the RNG Therapist PickledParsleyParty
golden tinkmaster galan I don't understand... PickledParsleyParty


My Tattoo; morality and ethics of the Old Sith Empire Kleinschmidt.Jeff YESSSS!!!! Kleinschmidt.Jeff
Mostly Walking Feedback Thread Day9 Mostly good Aptus
TS3 Server Hosting Peterson RE: I find Peterson
New idea for the day9's Day Off ande048b He actually LordMatsu
Bottoms Up! is Here! Threxor New Overlays and Stuff! Threxor

Starcraft 2

Patch 2.1.4 TheProbeToss The MOBA genre is immense right now BowlUndrFire
Sup tosses: MC with HT BeastlyDayKnight Whats funny BeastlyDayKnight
Thee Day9 Daily Request Thread mirrageofhope Daily would be nice BeastlyDayKnight
Starcraft 2 funny story: An SCV and a marine walk into a bar felipe.a.s.ferri Nicely done, good sir! Ame
Please day9 do dailies on the current gsl season. GreatPlays PLEASE!!!! rumsey182

Starcraft 2 Strategy

[H] Diamond/ Platinum - Zerg vs. Terran - Widow Mine Problems TheProbeToss Honestly BeastlyDayKnight
[H] Terran Vs. Protoss Help TheFireMnky some plat advice SecondSun
[H] [H] Some questions for HIGH league ZERG from a newb please :) Velity Some thoughts Vacendik
[H] Help/advice for a bronze/silver protoss Ryter Staircase hovercraft2x
[H] [T] My Coaching Project facelid Was this worth a necro? printf

Other Games

DayKnight Private Minecraft Server~! FelicityPlott yay FelicityPlott
About Octobers Game for Fright Week Gerbles To be honest LordMatsu
Regarding NPCs (Mostly Walking narcissism discussion) Grimgor Regarding NPCs (Mostly Walking narcissism discussion) Grimgor
Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! Day9 Mass Effect Greyshack
League of Legends Argon1335 Indeed I do BKKTech

Games in Academia

Thinking of using DAYKNIGHTS IN MY TERM PAPER! loguidice I love the concept. chasesc
High School ESports Discussion and Development SteppeLively Wow BeastlyDayKnight
StarCraft and Day[9]tv can help make you a better learner shindigs Nice Arcenus
Game Design VS Game Analysis misread_ DayKnights are everywhere! misread_
"Commercial games for academic literacy" - games that help us learn to shindigs Yay for for uncertainty SteppeLively


[D] this used to be about starcraft ... horst A bit tired of HearthStone JP_CT
[W] Forums "everything" page has a couple of sticky posts travis.willard.96 No worries travis.willard.96
[D] 3 weeks and counting no sc2 Tecumseh Follow-up & Apologies Kitty4Cat
[W] The Trial of the Xel´Naga Naweo It could be made as a mod Cadwah
[D] Accepting Bitcoin. troy.johnston.7777 I signed up just to write this robert.witting

Indie Games

Idle Killer (feedback, suggestions, thoughts) jeagle Idle Killer (feedback, suggestions, thoughts) jeagle
Project Atlas (Artillery Games) cool ideas Minerthreat You need input from people like me who aren't epic rts players newell.bullen
Browser Indie strategy game free LAb wow manbon
Aegis Defenders ConradVoltaire holy CRAP manbon
Want to make a GAME? bluedrop I replied to your email :) bluedrop