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Day[9], as a card Rade 16 Day[9] by Jammrock
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it IS always huffer! Floris 3 LOL, Huffer by Devolhan
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If you could remove a class from the game... rufus.flowen 3 Absolutely hunter by bronzeager
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Hearthstone Deck List/Guide LordMatsu 9 Im HS newb, really struggling to make this deck work. by Foolishstar
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Hearthstone Debate: First card to craft? Frag-ile 4 Commons! Lots of commons! by jorick-bruins
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Opinions Crafting legendaries!!! Edit! KarelTheTossMaster 6 Thanks for the answers so far! by KarelTheTossMaster
KT + Taunt breaks Heroic Mode LordMatsu 2 Totally by LordMatsu
Unstable Portal - Tell us your woes. rufus.flowen 4 The wisp draw is painful but Unstable Portal is still fun. by bobjob
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