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Practice Partners itsbecca 559 im on NA by BeastlyDayKnight
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StarCraft II General Rules manfred 0 StarCraft II General Rules by manfred
Petition to bring back Funday Monday alex.morgun.1 32 I agree with this man. by Boden
negative bonus pool printf 5 I mean by printf
Fever Clan is recruiting for Starcraft 2! leomaric 1 I just want to practice by BeastlyDayKnight
Koshkii & DrennoC Casting Viewer Games sherlockturtle 8 now she's live by printf
2015 GSL Round of 32 LordMatsu 4 It's GSL by LordMatsu
New Terran player looking for practice partner on EU axemeister 2 Thanks by axemeister
Im completly new to this game and wonder where i should be going DSTAsheMain 15 J by joakim.rosen1
Looking for a 2v2 Partner to go through the ranks GroinShark 0 Looking for a 2v2 Partner to go through the ranks by GroinShark
How do you avoid getting bored playing 1 race? justin.bedward.7 3 subtleties by printf
Day[Knight] Showmatches Omega068 25 Weekend of the 16th -- January 2015 by Omega068
Starcraft (Day9) Parody Series BallisticgGe0rge 6 Fingers Crossed! by BallisticGE0RGE
Picking a race ( and why you picked your race) TheSilent1 16 Why do you play SC2? by Kleinschmidt.Jeff
If you miss Funday Monday, Here's a chance to do it again! krisna.siv 1 Cool by tentative_panda
Archon Super Series EP 2 w/yoe FW PartinG Bacon_Infinity 0 Archon Super Series EP 2 w/yoe FW PartinG by Bacon_Infinity