Jink.TV is an interactive media company founded in 2010 by Sean Plott and Eric Burkhart, two Harvey Mudd College graduates.

Capitalizing on innovations in internet broadcasting technology, Jink.TV offers smart, funny content on topics that matter to the serious gamer.

Jink’s flagship television show “The Day[9] Daily” is streamed live each night to an audience of between 5 and 15 thousand viewers on Twitch.TV and offers a library of more than 500 back episodes on Blip.TV, YouTube and iTunes. The Daily is viewed more than 5 million times a month and enjoys positive buzz in the press.

Jink.TV also produces gaming events, gaming materials, manages shoutcasters and pro gamers, and consults to game publishers and gaming communities on game design and social media.

General inquiries:

3175 South Hoover Street, #109
Los Angeles, CA 90007