About Day[9]

Day[9], aka Sean Plott, wants to be your Funsmith.

Playing games and building relationships through gaming has been a lifelong delight for Day[9], and he wants to share that same happy passion with you. Day[9] is a 12-year veteran and top player of StarCraft who has been rated A+/A on ICCUP/PGT on multiple accounts over multiple seasons. He has qualified for the World Cyber Games USA finals 7 times, the World Cyber Games Grand Finals 3 times, and won the Pan American Championship in 2007. Sean plays random in StarCraft 2 as a top-rated master player. Day[9] grew up playing StarCraft with his brother, Nick (aka “Tasteless”), now a professional shoutcaster with GOM.TV in Korea. You can watch Day[9] tell the story of his life of StarCraft here.

Day[9] holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College and a Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media from the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. Since graduating in May of 2011, he has devoted himself to working full time in the eSports industry through his company, Jink.TV.

Day[9] loves to share his knowledge of StarCraft strategy. In addition to hosting his own nightly show, the Day[9] Daily, Sean travels around the world to shoutcast StarCraft tournaments hosted by DreamHack, GamesCom, the World Cyber Games, the Collegiate StarLeague, Major League Gaming, Electronic Sports League, Blizzard, etc, an activity that sometimes wears him out and causes him stress.

Day[9] also loves board games and card games, comic books, combinatorics, green tea, burritos, stand up comedy, storytelling, electronic music (Trentemoller), stained glass art, papercraft, pop surrealist art, funny youtube videos, the community, and his alma mater, Harvey Mudd College – where they actually allowed him to lecture on StarCraft strategy (40% of the student body showed up).

Most of all, Day[9] loves to have fun. He thinks that playing games teaches you a lot about life and about yourself. He wants you to be a better gamer.

This website is his playground.

He invites you to hang out here and relax, learn, laugh, practice, get support, be challenged, gain insight, brag, make friends and just be inspired to have more fun.

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