Heroes of Fitness

A few months ago, Lady Lecta introduced me to the Heroes of Fitness Twitch stream. Tim Spencer and Nicole Du Cane, broadcast weekly from their exercise room at home. They play video games with workout breaks, while answering questions from chat about fitness and nutrition.  Most recently they've been featured on the Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm launcher and participated in a Brawl with the Blues livestream. Before all of that, they were (and still are) DayKnights.

Tim is a Senior RKC Kettlebell Instructor and Personal Trainer with a background in teaching and coaching.  He says on their official site, "My methodology would make crystal clear the hardcore concepts of fitness by making them fun, rewarding, and easy to learn. It would be designed for people like me: it would be designed for gamers, geeks, fantasy lovers and so forth."

Nicole is the Gall to Tim's Cho in Heroes of the Storm and real life. She co-founded Heroes of Fitness and they host the stream together. Nicole's also an RKC instructor (Kettlebell Goddess), dancer, martial artist, the COO of Dragon Door Publications, a Business Consultant, Marketing Strategist, former actress and current cat Mom to Shiva (aka Coach Chubs) and Boots.

Their workouts incorporate yoga, strengh training, body weight exercises and of course, kettlebells. They never pressure you to do more than your body allows and offer alternatives if you're nursing injuries. If the Central USA time zone is an issue, VODs are avaialble. However I heartily suggest subscribing to their YouTube channel because their Gamers Guide playlists are great. Heroes of Fitness bridge the gap between gamers and fitness brilliantly. (100% 1opinionated approved) dayHeart