Zerg working my way to Platinum

Hi all, i am a top gold Zerg player on the NA server looking for some advice. I have been playing this game for around a year now and made it to gold 2 seasons ago. I have reached first place of my division in gold many times , i am able to beat any silver player, low to mid gold and even some top gold and low platinum but when i climb up and get paired with mid to high platinum or even top gold sometimes i just cant advance and climb down the ladder again. I play an avergae of 5 to 10 games a day. I always try to work on the basics like macro, builds, scouting, expanding , upgrades etc but im just missing something that prevents me from reaching platinum. I am currently at work but as soon as i can i will upload some replays for you to analyze. Meanwhile it would be great if any platinum players or above would like to be my practice partner. I currently live in Uruguay, SA but as you can see my english is rlly good so as long as you speak english or spanish we will be fine :). My time zone is GMT -3. Meanwhile ill leave you with my contact information. amagad2(at, the symbol is not working, lol) yahoo.com

Game ID: AMAGAD Game Code: 310

Thanks For Listening.