[H] How do you begin in SC2?

Sup guise

Well, I've had SC2 since it first released BUT I've classified myself as an absolutely horrible RTS gamer.
I've been watching Day9 for about a year now, but I've only recently re-installed the game. My last SC2 games were 96 weeks ago and I was even being carried in 4v4 by a Diamond level friend back then.

Now to the main point, I really want to learn this game properly for myself and have fun in the 1v1 scene, but I don't know where to start. Lets assume I know nothing except that I have to build Probes and Pylons (yes I prefer Protoss).

I often hear Sean refer to the timings of certain structures and units, but I've never found a comprehensive guide to building times and the most common tech-tree builds, how do you get to learn those properly?

I'm not looking for an easy way out, I just don't want to learn the wrong things, make them almost second-nature and then realize I'm totally screwing it up and have to learn things anew.

Lets go with it like this, I play Protoss and I want to learn how to play Protoss properly, but lets disregard micro-management for now.
What are the basic build times for my structures, which is a decent all-round opening without having to immediately dive into PvZ, PvT and PvP specifics (it'd be too much to handle tbh), what are the key focus points I should set for myself before I start refining my play? These are some of the noob questions I'd love to have answers for.