Dissapointed in Starcraft 2's continued decline

Firecake's recent Youtube video got me thinking about the state of Starcraft 2 again which is still on the decline and there's less and less e-sports to enjoy and the community keeps shrinking. It's always been my favorite game but I'm frustrated with this situation and the community keeps saying that it's fine/inevitable so let's enjoy what we have right now. I wish people would be more critical of Starcraft 2's flaws and especially Blizzard regarding the gameplay because that's the main issue with Starcraft 2 and they're so so slow and conservative when it comes to patches and such, which would be the key to improving the game if they approached it differently. I've been thinking that the stuff Blizzard has been doing for the last year has been good, or in the right direction at least but it's either not enough or way too slow. 

I feel sad and dissapointed when I think about how it was in 2011/2012 because I enjoyed Starcraft 2 more back then and watched and played it every day. I had a great time but most of that is gone now and I wish the community and Blizzard would do their best to bring that back but it seems like most people act like it's an impossible dream. 

What do you think? Are you guys still actively playing/watching the game?