I am making a poker game - Risk of Ruin

Little story behind the relavance to Day9 and this game

In 2009 Day9 transformed me from a casual gamer to a competitive gamer, over many years I learned how to go from bronze to a cemented master. I always loved games, but this was the first time I had ever thought of games as a serious sport. Day9 gave me the roadmap to push myself further than I thought was possible and I knew it could apply to more than just Starcraft. In 2012 Day9 was casting a competition and he mentioned many Starcraft players also play Poker as a competitive sport. I said "How hard could Poker be?", and the rest is history.

Recently I started learning game development for fun. I am making this game as a project to apply new components of game development as I study them.

The game is called Risk of Ruin, a poker lifestyle simulator, where you manage a struggling poker player through ups and down on his quest to pay the rent.

You can check it out here: https://adrenaline-seed.itch.io/rrgame

Play cards automatically at the table while you control the rate time passes.

Risk fo Ruin Game

Stats like energy are used to study and play. Buying more chips, getting stacked, winning and losing big pots, having a large or small bankroll, and bad events effect mood. Eenergy and Mood impact your Discipline, Stamina, Perception, and Knowledge

.Risk of Ruin Stats

Isolate player and learn to exploit their mistakes.