My idea to expand upon.

I'm going to post this or a revision of this on Tl, where I was going to post originally but i reset my password and my email account is down the time being.

Greetings fellow tlrs, I’m brainstorming an idea about expanding esports interest at a local level. The town I live in is poverty stricken and in serious need of entrepreneurial spirit and revitalization. I’ve come to believe that if I can properly introduce to my local community, the idea of esports as a positive opportunity to become a part of and further grow a burgeoning industry  that can facilitate jobs, personal growth, proper objective theory about learning not just sc2 or moba but applying the approach to learning any skills in this world that will help individuals.

Here is the general idea that I would like to facilitate. I along with the help of networking with all you wonderful esports enthusiasts, based on our collective experiences, musings and sharing of information, figure out an experimental model of how to generate local communities of esports enthusiasts. I’m thinking of something along the lines of how to find funding for costs of operation for the organization of a local esports club open to the public. This club will be used as a base to establish local coaching, tournaments and most importantly generate appreciation for all the positive things we can teach our kids using competitive esports as the vessel, as well as try to get it into our schools as a great opportunity for kids when taught with the proper perspectives. If employed correctly I think this could be similar to the trojan horse idea where we can teach all these great perspectives and how to approach challenges in life and grow objectively through the use of deeply intriguing competitive video games.

In a book Day9 referred all his viewers too “The art of learning” by Author and world class learner and competitor Josh Waitzkin talks about the differences between objective/incremental theorist learners and entity theorist learners thought processes of learning skills. I believe this to be a widely enlightening topic in psychology and I encourage you to google the terms, hell even read the book.

sean plott has inspired me, with his recent blogs about entrepreneurialism and it’s very important place in the future job markets of our world, to look into what can be possible to expand our community on the ground, as well as begin to generate experimental models of how to do it and condense the informational resources necessary to succeed.

Furthermore, what do you guys think?
Is it possible to find funding for such a project?
Does anyone have expertise and experience in doing similar things?
Access to information and resources?I would like to see discussion and revision regarding the idea.