Anyone have good paladin deck for lower levels?

 Just got into open beta couple days ago. Been having some fun and won some games, but having problems finding a good pali build. I've heard that a slow rolling control deck is good, but whether that's true or not I still don't have the cards I need to do that. I've tried, and while I may have made it work against other control type decks when I face high minion/spell aggro I got my shit pushed in pretty hard. Right now I'm running a deck which really is just used to hold out til late in the game when I can buff my higher level minions up to 18-13 and such, but I know that this deck won't hold up later, and is very hard to manage against rouges wizards and shamans. I have every basic Pali card, 1 Equality and 2 nobles. In the common I have all the basics as well as Alarm-o-bot, Dark Iron Dwarf, Emperor Cobra, Thrall Far Seer, Ancient Brewmaster, Spell Breaker, Silver Moon Guardian and Stampeding Kodo. I have literally no idea what im doing so if anyone could give me an idea as to what I should be towards with these cards they would forever be a boss in my eyes.