TvZ Tug O War

Alright ladies and gents, I did enjoy this game but losing was bitter.   Started off doing my standard thing, Hellions and cloaked Banshees into Thor's etc. I felt pretty good denying his third for a bit but then I got shutdown by the mutas.... I don't know why I didn't make at least two/three Thors before all those siege tanks, (which is what I normally do) my subconscious must have been anticipating roach all in *shrugs*

My own critic of my play is:

  1. When I get into the battle I forget to make stuffs...
  2. Floated a lot of cash didn't have enough production?
  3. Didn't have a clue what to transition into, so naturally I said screw it BCs are good!
  4. I wish I had made a viking and sniped some of those flipping overlords.
  5. Gotta contain that creep. That was insane. 
  6. My unit composition was in a constant state of flux. 
  7. I never got the big Terran indestructible Mech ball established did I push too soon?
  8. Honorable mention.... I get supply blocked. 

How do my fellow Terran broskies deal with this crap?

 One idea I have for the future, at least for big maps that lend themselves to the greedy zerg so much, is to put planetary fortresses somewhere in the middle (those narrow lanes) to give my mech ball an anchor point so I can stay in his face a little better... Help!

Ps.   The glorious struggle for your viewing pleasure!