I picked Zerg as i started sc2 back in early 2012, and the HotS expansion was looming over the horizon so i wanted to pick it. Also, cuz i was a natural at zerg, and i felt at home with it. It felt good commanding an alien race that is only biological and is compltely natural but amazingly great at surviving! (I'm not crazy about natural stuff, just that it's nice to know) And Zerg macro feels the best, is the easiest for me to perform, and i can observe and scout really well, so i always know exactly when to drone and when to build units. I actually started with Protoss, but my brother teased me about how it's the easiest race and that Zerg is the true challenge.  (I know you shouldn't take this stuff from people but i had common sense, mostly. ) So, he kept nagging me and i finally switched. And he soon regretted it as he couldn't win against me anymore! so now, im sitting at mid diamond, getting close to high diamond :). I still play some Protoss here and there, on the American servers, im sitting at Gold league with them :). Terran was the one that was left in the dust for me, call me crazy, but i hated the cliche of "oh you're just the random group of interstellar humans to come!" and it bored me to hell.