Christmas Fundraiser (Read)

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Hey Guys! I had this idea to start a fund raiser for people who can't get any christmas gifts. I'm not really the kind of person that you would expect to be doing this so at first i just blew it off but than i started to think about how much i can't wait for christmas being the 14 year old i am and what its like for the kids that december 25th is just another normal day. So i had an idea maybe i can live stream for 24hours straight and we can do a fundraiser by people donating my goal is to raise at least $500. I can throw in my own $100. And for any skeptics NO this is not a scam/publicity stunt, i'm not trying to get people to watch my stream by doing this. Also Ima try to make it so the money donated during the stream goes directly to the organization and not in my paypal or anything.

I dont wanna start the stream with only 10 supporters because than it would be impossible to reach $500. I'm still looking for a organization that does something that gives gifts to kids who need them. During the live stream we'll be doing giveaways, playing various games and OF COURSE starcraft! So i think if i can get 150-200-300 supporters by december i'm going to do it before christmas. If you want to help spread the word than tell fellow gamers tweet it at people, idk do whatever!! 

(I may add more to this in the future so we'll see)

So if you are interested i will be live streaming it at and if you want to catch up with me my twitter is I'll tweet more info about the event if this actually goes places. Anyways guys thanks a lot for reading all this if you did and LETS DO THIS! IF you have any questions leave a comment and ill do my best to respond!!

-Ajax <3