Introduction to me!

Hi guys! My name is Ajax i've been playing Starcraft for a little under 8 months maybe a year idk and idgaf haha:D I'm a diamond protoss and i can play other races at a fair level. I stream ALOT almost everyday and most the time i stream sc2 if you're interested in checking me out my twitch is AjaxsUsername. I'm also starting to do more things on youtube like gameplay commentaries/ Im working on a lot of machinimas as well/ I'm going to start casting when i get to a higher level and doing gameplay analysis. if you wanna read my whole bio its on my profile as well as all my links:) (I also have access to the HOTS beta :D lucky me)


Masters by Jan 10(my birthday)

200 subs by jan10

100 twitch follows by jan 10 ;D

Idk why i felt like posting this i wanna get active in the community:D