Your strengths, your weaknesses - and a proposal.

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A Wild Idea Appears!

When I browse these forums, I notice a strong tendency among members to discuss and promote concepts of self-improvement and self-care. Discipline and practice aren't particularly remarkable in RTS players, but I suspect that Day[9]'s own life philosophy attracts viewers who are generally inclined to want to treat themselves and others quite well.

I think we can harness our collective commitment to broadening our horizons and helping other community members, and I have an idea as to how to do that.

The Plan

In this thread, post:

  1. Your greatest strength
  2. A topic or area of life about which you are particularly knowledgeable
  3. Your biggest weakness
  4. A goal you are struggling to achieve, or a topic you want to know more about but are stuck on

Other folks can then ask you for advice on your special subject or strength, offer help on dealing with one of your problems or bad habits, geek out about shared interests and, most importantly, tell you how awesome you are!


  1. I'm a great researcher. I read and synthesise multiple sources of information very quickly, and can easily draw conclusions about the reliability and usefulness of those sources. 
  2. I have extensive experience with higher education, academic writing, language learning (Russian, French) and copyediting/proofreading.
  3. Self-criticism.
  4. I'd love to have more confidence with useful arithmetic and mathmatics. I can work out my bills and do long division, but I dropped maths at 16 and heaved a sigh of relief so that's where my knowledge ends. I find that a lot of sources are either aimed at schoolkids or university students, so I'd be interested to find any intermediate-level online programs (which have been approved by someone who knows what they're talking about!)