Festival Updates!

A number of new Articles have been added to the website:

1. Day9TV in 2017 - Cohlysion sits down with Eric to talk about directions the company is going to take in the new year, and why their focus on community is more important than ever 

2. Creatives in the DayKnight Community - Aktaia showcases some of the amazing and talented create people of the DayKnight community, including artists, writers, and musicians.

3. First Batch of Streamers - Announcing some of the streamers for the festival: TrumpetMCool, MaximusRaeke, and MOARNial. Read their bios in the link!

4. More Streamers Announced - More streamers for the festival, including Heroes of Fitness, Aktaia, and Nomikkh

As always, check out the Website for the most up to date info!

See you on the 17th!