Well i can contribute a couple things here. first of all, the perspective of the troll (I do love a good trollin sometimes). Have you ever done it yourself? its a completely different view of the game, whilst playing a game seriously, trolls can definitely be very annoying, especially if its escalates. But as a troll all of the serious-ness of the game is gone for you and so it allows you to have a damn good time because you are not so focused on outcomes and just simply enjoying the funny images games produce when you do silly things and enjoying the deep-seated anger some people feel over a video game ( something that should probably be prioritized pretty low on the serious-ness scale). So when i laugh when someone rages, its not because im glad that theyre angry ( at my core i really do want people to be happy), its because they are treating something so silly, so serious. So i think trolling can be quite funny and can be avoided generally as the victim. and as long as you give people control of stuff, some of them will troll around with it so it simply cannot be weeded out of massively multiplayer games. if you want a more hand-crafted game experience there are always ways to achieve that, like getting 3 buddies to play left 4 dead with you, that way you know everyone on the whole team and they will be more inclined to listen to you and not troll relentlessly. For minecraft, if you have a server (which everyone can have) and a blacklist then you can be essentially troll-proof. its just a matter of what youre looking for when you play a game, and how best to get that experience