Downloading this game now.

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Before, I was like "Pfft. How great could a card game about world of warcraft be."

After watching: "Oh this actually looks pretty fun."

My one question. I saw some people say this game is kinda like Magic: The Gathering. In MTG, they try to make it so that not only can you build a deck around the combos and strategies you like, but you could also build a deck around a theme you like, and express yourself, and your deck still be good if you do it right.

Is Hearthstone like that? My favorite animal is wolves. Could I make a deck that uses a lot of wolflike stuff just because I like wolves, and the deck be good if I go about it the right way?

Anyone who has read that essay the Magic guys wrote on Timmies, Johnnies, and Spikes. I'm a total Johnny. A hybrid of all three types of Johnny. Combo master, deck master, and deck artist Johnny. So I love card games as outlets to express myself.