Re: Ayn Rand

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Very few people I'm aware of know who she is. But with current politics, people have probably heard of her for sure now. Hearing of and understanding are two different things, alas.

I think you're making the same false distinction Obama made when he said "You didn't build that". "I did it from scratch and didn't need anything or anyone" vs "It was the collective effort that made your success." The act of building is taking something that's there, and creating something new from it. So what if some of your building blocks were created by others. You can thank them for providing what they created, and thank yourself for what you created with that. No rational individualist thinks that they succeeded in a vacuum. What they acknowledge is their success depended on their own unique contribution. That's the meaning of "I DID build that."

So basically you are completely responsible for your own success. But in a context of being surrounded by things others have created. You have to enact your own success using what's around you, whether it's sand and a palm tree or roads, the internet, and other infrastructure.

How does anything Day[9] posted in Blogs 2.0 and 2.5 contradict that? Maybe you know Day[9] better than I do. I've only been following his Funday Mondays in the past year or so, and I used his Mechanics videos to help myself get started when I got SC2.

I see a distinctive optimism and self-reliance being exuded in these blog posts, and that's what implies to me that he's at least Objectivish, without knowing it. And that's what I think is amazing. It's one thing for me to witness people embracing such optimism and self-reliance after being exposed to Rand. It's even more amazing when I see people achieve this kind of character in themselves without exposure to Rand.

Beginning your paragraph with "Ayn Rand was insane" is a poor way to get anyone to care about whatever critique you may make afterward. Unless of course they already don't like her.