The Cat Lady

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The game I really want to see the mostly walking crew play is the cat lady. This is a beautiful sierra-esque styled game that follows the story of a 40 year old woman named Susan Ashworth and her story after a suicide attempt. The game starts with her suicde attempt and then after a self-guided tutorial level and a talk with a mysterious woman that gets you ready for just how gore-y and greusome it is, but also how beautiful it can be. After this it is you job to find and destroy 5 serial killers as you make your way through this surreal psycological horror game.

I would honestly give this game 10/10 stars for it's plot, dialouge, vioce acting, art direction, music and even it's really interesting mixing of medias. The only bad thing that I can really see in it is the proportions of everyone's arms are off (like they are down to the character's knees or beyond) and the animation can be a bit wonky from time to time because of this. But honestly, that's a small price to pay for the wonderful game you get in return. Here is a link to the game if you want to check it out (for PC): Here 

And one more thing, the link will start playing a trailer that really describes the feel of the game and a trailer will follow that describes the main character pretty well. Thank you for reading and I strongly advise to cheack it out, especially since horror goes along October pretty well.

- <3 Arty