Convergence (Protoss)

Hi there 

First time poster :)My race and level: I'm a protoss player currently in the silver league, top gold about a month ago

My problem: ConvergenceIn the dailies, Sean often talks about how there are certain setups (buildings and upgrades and to some extent units) that you wan't to converge upon at different times in the game. I have been feeling, that I often lose, because I fail to converge upon the right things at the right times. I haven't got enough or the right production, I haven't got the right upgrades (charge, storm in particular) and I lose. Often I transition out of my opener, get started building some power units and then I start to mess up when it comes to getting the rest of the stuff I need

What I am looking for is basicly tips that will help me know, what stuff I should aim at getting, in what order and at what times. I know that of course there is a lot of variation and you have to react to what your opponent is doing, but I am hoping that some of you guys can help me build a framework consisting of some rules of thumb for what I need to get up at what times in the different matchups.