While you may not like them (to a certain respect, I don't either) siege tanks are absolutely vital in TvT, unless you're going for either some sort of cheese* or bio play, the latter being extremely risky because any player who isn't terrible with siege tanks and who stops drop fairly well will beat you. With practice, your siege tank control will get better - I myself was having trouble controlling siege tanks against zerg a week or so ago - and you'll start to learn how to deal with tank lines, which is truly a giant pain. Basically, if you have air superiority, you can siege just inside an enemy tanks range without him seeing you, and then fly a viking over and kill him. TvT essentially boils down to a bunch of crazy positional, passive play. 

*if you really hate tanks, some nice TvT builds that don't require/focus heavily on tanks are: 3 racks early pressure, proxy 2 racks, fast banshee with cloak, two-port banshee, double factory blue flame hellion, 1/1/1. They're all really fun and usually don't get to that crazy annoying mid-game TvT where no one attacks. 

P.S. Haha, nice, I'm almost platinum league and I'm pretty sure you play quite a bit faster than me. :3