TvP 3 CC vs. Fast Forge

There's already a TvP thread, but it's on late game troubles and this focuses on early game so hopefully it'll be alright. 

At the moment, me being a measly gold Terran, TvP is my best matchup by far. Lately I've been experimenting with new strategies, mainly because it's my best matchup - I feel almost comfortable vs. Protoss - and I've been trying to use a super-fast third base strategy against players who go fast forge and delay any quick attacks. This way, I can immediately macro up, get lots of barracks/upgrades hopefully faster than the Protoss who is going for late game himself. The thing I'm mainly worried about is:

If the Protoss does try to go for some sort of early attack - not consistent with early forge, but still - does this make me super vulnerable? So far, I've held off any early aggression handily, but I'm worried that in the higher leagues it might be vulnerable. 

(second questiom: how to upload replays? I've only tried this twice, and so only have two replays of me winning pretty badly, but they'll give a general sense of timing and how the build should work; at least, subtract some time for me being gold and missing depots and such)