Knights of the Nonagon Table Showmatches

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Hi everyone, let me present to you the Knights of the Nonagon Table Showmatches!

All DayKnights out there must be yearning for recognition. Sure, we have the DKTL and DayKnight Showmatches, but who can say no to another path to glory? All DayKnights are invited to showcase their talent.

Setup that happens at the start of every week:

1. Get two players of around the same level.

2. I will e-mail them using the e-mail address they used to sign up and get them to find a time to play a 1v1 Bo5 with each other. Send the replays to

3. If they are unable to find a time or opt for this, they can play the games live at Friday 5pm or 7pm PDT. So if you can't show up at Friday at those times and cannot find a time during the week, I will just cancel the show for that week.

4.  At Friday 5pm we will start the cast if the players played during the week and sent the replays. Cast will happen at this Twitch channel.

How to sign up: Simply send me an e-mail to the address above. Be sure to title so that I know if you are signing up or sending in the replay. I will put your name down on the list and hopefully, you will be selected.

Ambitious casters willing to showcase their talent can also sign up above. Be sure to tell me you are a caster!

Hopefully there will be some interested participants. I wish you a good day.