Making the switch

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Feeling nostalgic for my old brood war youth I decided to make the switch from protoss back to terran for LotV and am finding myself heavily challenged with actually spending my income in the early-mid game. I was never that good at not floating minerals and gas but as protoss with the glory of warp gates it was easy enough to dump any excess income into units from just about anywhere without much thought. The lack of this ability coupled with the accelerated start is really screwing with me.

So yeah, I am looking for advice on a solid straight up kind of build that makes it easier to not float too much.


EDIT: So I think I have found something I like doing now. Reaper into one-one-one. Now bear in mind, I am a bronze level player that have managed to make it into gold once so this might be terrible against players who actually know what they are doing but for me this feels like it has some promise.

14 supply

15 gas

16 barracks

20 second gas

As soon as barracks finish, get a single reaper and send it to harrass. When it finishes start a tech lab on barracks.

21 factory

When factory finishes, switch places with the barracks and have the barracks get a reactor.

Here it gets a bit fussy but generally.


Get starport.

When you have something like 3-4 tanks, 2 medivacs and some marines. Move out. If you think you can end the game at this point, just all in. Otherwise do some damage and expand behind it.