Now this is what keeps me going.

Hi, I just wanted to share something.

I have been watching Day9, on and off, for quite a while. He was in fact the reason I decided to finally start learning to play properly. I have not played for almost two years on the ladder, and even then it was only 10 or so games, before that I hadn't played since the beta.

The attitude and positivity that Sean exudes like glistening beads of awesome are what made me actually throw off the fear of losing and just get into it.

But to the point, Sean is what got me playing, but it is people like this, that keep me wanting to keep playing. This is from my third placement match, after getting thoroughly wrecked, I whined a little bit in the chat before gg'iong about only having two more games to go before being stuffed in bronze. Well this guy, is what I love about the starcraft community, the person who puts a smile on a noobs face. And in fact, so far, most of the games I have had, have been with really nice people.

A nice person

That is all for my first post here, I just wanted to share something that made me happy in this game.