DnDnD: Death's Embrace Live Stream!

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Hey guys!

The newly formed DayKnight D&D campaign "Death's Embrace" is holding it's first session Saturday January 18, 2014 at 10am PST!  The group will meet each saturday and will be streamed live at LordMatsu's channel.  This Dungeon World campaign will be hosted by the Game Master, LordMatsu himself, and feature the following players:

  • Cad_wah, as Demevius, the Chaotic Elf Ranger
  • Pixelknight, as Thaerian, the Good Human Paladin
  • Huntsoda360, as Orion, the Good Human Wizard
  • Aquamarine, as Azriel, the Nuetral Human Fighter
  • Wavingpeople, as Eldrick Wood, the Neutral Human Bard
  • Bram Streefkerk, as Victoria Mistletoe, the Chaotic Good Elf Druid
  • Michael Jenkins, as Andrew Doverson, the Human Wizard

Stop by the stream and say hello!
Stream Link:  twitch.tv/lordmatsu