More information

In order to advise you on what kind of computer you need, we need a little more information.  I'm going to try to list some important questions and if you can answer as many of them as accurately as possible, I'm sure we can help you.  :)   (Don't be afraid to sound snarky or stuck-up, different things are important to different people, and no one will judge you here.)

1.  What is your budget?  What are you comfortable spending?  What is the most you want to spend?  Can the budget be stretched if a little more money will get you significant benefit?

2.  Is portability important to you?  Do you need to be able to take your computer to class, to other dorm rooms (friends' rooms), to the library, etc.?  How important is it?  (Keep in mind portability can mean higher costs)

3.  Are powerful graphics important to you?  Do you need to play games at high graphics settings? (StarCraft is the same game at low and high settings, but some people really value high graphics.)

4.  Can you list the video and media editing programs you plan to use?  (Certain video and media editing programs require detailed graphics, others might require powerful processing.)  Also, can you list the minimum/ recommended performance requirements for these programs?

5.  Other than gaming and video/ media editing (and the usual things like internet surfing), what else do you plan to use the computer for?

6.  Do you have a monitor that you plan to continue using?  If so, what type of cable does it use? (VGA, HDMI, DVI, etc.)

7.  Will you need a lot of data storage?  Do you have lots of pictures, videos, music, or other files that you want to keep on this computer?

8.  Do you plan on running multiple programs at once?

9.  Do you plan to overclock your processor?

10.  Have you built a computer before/ do you know how/ do you know anyone that could assemble it for you?

Just answer as many as you can and provide plenty of info and I'll try to help you get the perfect computer and save money in the process.  :)