Finally seen some things!

So i played until I've unlocked all upgrades. (Ok, I didn't max them all)
I wrote down everything that I liked or didn't like when I played this, I hope that helps you:
You can't turn off the sound, only the music
I like the learning curve, you can actually get better at this.
It has been somewhat frustrating to lose life and not be able to retry a level. But the buy option compensates for it. (somewhat ;P)
There is no menu (to turn off the music for example) while being in the upgrade menu. Or at least I didn't find it.
Defeating the first boss felt great! 
The level after every boss feels really easy.
You are not told when you unlock new skills. 
It seems weird that you gain new skills at level like 7? After a boss or let's say every 2 levels would have been great. I'd have loved to see the goals I'm working towards.
You are not told how high your scorepoints should be in order to revive yourself and even though I did it once, I didn't know how much it cost and how much the cost rise. (There might be a sidenote or something, but putting it into the actual screen where you need it, would've helped me)
The controls were really simpel to learn and felt good.
Finding out how to evade certain things was fun (even though I still don't get the laser... but I'm sure you can evade it somehow!)
The number 8 looks a lot like the 0. 
Some upgrades seemed useless. What good does the 2nd upgrade? (enlarging your shield)
How I felt: There were moments that made me feel like I achieved something, which was great. I also think the graphics were great. Because in most new "arcade like games" they try to overload you with lasers, etc. but in this game the simpel graphic let's you focus on the gameplay.
The warnings also seemed to fit in great and they didn't bother me at all.

So the biggest flaws I found were the "not seeing the score to review yourself" thing and not being able to turn off the sound. You'll be able to fix them easily ^.^
The biggest feat is the sense of achievement. Defeating the first boss just makes you really happy and the steady learning curve makes it really interesting. (even though the 2nd boss is much easier than the 1st ;P)

I hope this helps you