Let's make games!

Dear Dayknights,

did you ever think of making a game, or did you already make one? Then i'd like to suggest something to this awesome community! 

First something about me (that's so egocentric): I'm pretty much one of those silent archive viewer, who likes to participate in things that fit the european time schedule. And i just begun getting into programming games via unity.

But what really bothers me right now is, that i kind of feel left alone programming and even though i'm trying to get my friends into this whole "making a game" thing, "making a game" is not what everybody wants to do in his/her free time..

Now to my suggestion (even though i'm not sure if this is the right place or if it's just a really stupid idea): Since there seem to be a lot of indie developers around this community, a lot of indie game lovers and supposingly a lot of people who'd like to learn "how to make a game", how about we, as the dayknights, start a project concerning this issue?

This could be done through meetings in skype, hangouts in google+(i don't know that much about hangouts :D) or anything like that! Wouldnt it be great to come together and create something on a friendly basis? There might be someone who is into making music, one who likes the gamedesigning, one who loves modelling and another one being into programming. 
People who start programming/moddeling can share their experience, problems and meet people who enjoy the same things (without the need to study this subject in university). 

We could create events such as the http://day9.tv/d/tangent42/dayknight-indie-game-challenge/ and see how it works out, right?

Or simply share good sources to learn stuff.

Oh and i don't want to discredit this idea:
http://day9.tv/d/bluedrop/want-to-make-a-game/But i'd imagine something in a much smaller scale. It's sometimes hard to get through and the music, text and design department seemed kind of full. So let's make games?

I know this is a pretty unfinished idea and why would i post it here anyway?
Because i think this is one of the best communities (if not the best) out there and i'd love to share my new passion with awesome people. :)
P.S: I know lots of you guys who are into programming are actually doing it as a profession and the same goes for designing games, models, etc. And it might even seem impertinent to post this whole suggestion here, making it seem like a nice hobby but... It CAN be a nice hobby! I don't need the ambition of creating the best thing out there, so please don't feel insultet.

TL;DR: Let's bring people who like making games together and have some fun challenges and stuff