Pen&Paper FATE

Heyho, since it has been quite some time that I've been able to interact with the day9 community (living in europe and I cant wake up at 3 am to watch day9 that often), I thought of a way to do so! 
I love playing any form of pen&paper rpgs. My favourite by far is FATE Core. And I like this community. 
You get my point: 
Let's make another official Day9 pen&paper group! I could gm, I'm also able to play, I really don't care. I don't care about the theme either. I do have some things prepared, I like to improvise a lot and build a world with my players together, so that means: endless possibilities!!!
This feels pretty nostalgic to me, since I've met some awesome people here a while ago, who also like pen&paper and well... it was a great time as long as it lasted :)
We'll be using some sort of mix between roll20+discord probably. Maybe something else, whatever fits our needs. 
It's pretty late while I'm writing this and its kind of hard for me to do posts like that, so if there is anything that's not making too much sense, please just ignore it ;)
Do you have any questions/suggestions/awesome stories about an rpg you once played? Post it here ^.^