I haven't been that active for a while but I still feel like I'm one of the dayknights. So I'd love to ask around if there are any dayknights who are interested in dnd or any other roleplaying system and want to try out "Dungeon World" (Its the one sean played on rollplay once).
I'm living in europe so most often it's going to be at around 19:00 gmt+1. But that might be different for weekends :)
A short Introduction to the game I want to run:

Life is hard.
And so is Heaven.

Or .. is it? I don't know yet! 

Since we're going to play Dungeon World, I'd love to cooperatively build a world, tell some stories and have fun. The world is going to be called "Heaven" and the genre is fantasy.

This game is going to be a "west marches style" type of game. So we can have as many players as we want to (up to 15) and you don't need to be there everytime we play, since the perfect amount of players per session will be 4.

You are new to RPGs or Dungeon World? No problem! I'll explain the rules and you'll probably be able to play after a 5 minute introduction.

The goal is going to explore new worlds and experience awesome stories :)

No prior knowledge required.

If you want to join the game pm me with your skype/discord id and post the following here:
-Do you know Dungeon World? What other RPGs have you played before?
-What has been a cool story that happened during a game before?
-What's your time zone and when are you available to play? 
-What do you expect from this game? What are you excited about? 


Btw.: Even though no one said anything to the last pen&paper related post I did, I won't give up! 
And... even if you don't want to play, is there a cool RPG related story that you want to share?