Physical games

Since a lot of people told you already it can be hard to start, I'd just like to add that you can make physical games at first. That way you get used to a lot of aspects in the game-design area:
Prototyping (I think this is one of the most important parts)

Creative Process (since you can't copy most of the "physical" games)Gamedesign and balancing (You will have to balance and tweak even the simplest boardgame)

And like it was said before, if you are quite insecure with this, you can even mod games you've played.
Oh and I really enjoyed reading this: Game Design Workshop (got to read it thanks to sean ^.^)

So if you get tired of learning to programm and just want to make a game, try making a boardgame/cardgame/ game like dungeons and dragons?. It's fun and you'll have something to test and play with your friends ^.^