Yup i did, but don't worry

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I really don't remember it that well anymore (there just wasn't anything i could do right? I would have loved to do some project orientated music once in a while back then, but the music department is just full with awesome people) 
You might also have ended up in my spam filter or something like that. Because I can't remember getting a message ^.^ 
But the main reason is just that it seems like a huge project and I as a beginner when it comes to programming feel like it's neither helping you much nor making me a better programmer ;P (That's just me, as soon as I've read your idea, I just fell in love with it)
Sorry for this weird reply, I'm really tired :X
Do you think this can become a thing? I mean... people didn't reply too much yet ^^ and i have the feeling that a lot of people feel afraid to just try this "making a game" thing out ^.^ Is it clear what i meant in the post above?I'd appreciate your oppinion on this topic! (and anyone else who reads this too)

For example do you need a challenge? A tutorial to start? An ego boost to just try it out?