Iron Juggernaut Fatigue Warrior

In short I love creating decks. However I don't have some of the cards in Hearthstone (like Iron Juggernaut). Thus some of the decks I want to try out I can't. 

In this case, I stole the deck idea from Kripparrian's video as of today. However, I thought some changes could be made to make the deck more "interesting". And also I really enjoy watching your videos. 

Anyways, this is the general deck idea. You run Iron Juggernaut (obviously), then you run pandas (2x youthful brewmaster and 1x ancient brewmaster). And continue with a whole bunch of shielding and card removal like shield slam and execute. Oh and 2x coldlight oracles cause you want them to draw their bombs. 

No here is where I want to see some changes. In Kripp's video he runs Dr. Boom (cause it's crazy OP) and Alexstrasza because of it being a typical warrior staple. But I want to see Ysera (another card I don't have) played and no BGH targets as well as more spare parts to get more chances for time rewinder and be able to return and replay your Juggernaut and shieldmaidens and the like.

As is this deck seems very gimmicky but fun. It also seems quite bad against aggro. But does rather well against control.

I think it would really great to see you play this type of deck.