Trying to remember a cast, but can't. Please help?

So, okay. I'm trying to find a video of a game I watched many moons ago, and can't for the life of me remember, and Google is exactly 0 help for me, so maybe somebody here remembers if I give some info about it?

Here's what I remember, maybe: I really want to say it was a CSL series, and I really want to say Sean was casting (I'm 90% on that second part).

Here's what I remember, for sure: CatZ was playing some dude (I forget who) on a small map and he pulled some ridiculously CatZy shenanigans by walking a queen across the map to his opponent's ramp with a drone contingent. He dropped a hatch, immediately cancelled it, set down a tumor on the Creep, then contained with a bunch of spines on their own little island of Creep. Whoever was casting went mental.

Anybody remember this? Would love to watch it again.