Aspiring Shoutcaster!

Hey everyone! Decided to finally advertise my content on here. Day9 has always been a massive inspiration to me and is in fact the reason I decided to try my hand at this. Now for a quick break down of what you can expect, should you be so brave as to click the following links.

My channel: A place of nonsensical rambling interspersed with (what I hope is) charm. Likely Blizzard or fantasy related in some way.

My first attempt at shoutcasting a game of SC2: Though I have the passion, I certainly need more time with the UI and practice to even hold a candle to the flame of Day9's talent.

Azeroth Wars: A amazing WC3 custom map set directly before the events of the third war. 12 players take control of the prominent races and duke it out to decide who will claim ownership of the war torn world.

Custom Campaigns: The brilliant minds of players always come up with the most intriguing, difficult or down right crazy maps and it's my pleasure to show off what the community makes. Expect accents galore and a load of Azothan-Rage.

My channel is growing and evolving constantly. I've no idea where the winds of fate will eventually blow me *snicker* but I do know that no matter where I go, I could ask for no better potential subscribers than those who have the good taste to be a part of this community.

And with that bit of blatant flattery I bid you all a fond farewell and thank you for your time.