A "Like"-System in the Forum<br>

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I was going through some threads and i've met the following problem. There are many Post, replies or Threads in General that i like and / or appreciate, but i don't want to make an own post about it, i just feel kinda wrong making a post with the title "Yes" and the content "I agree" - I think it takes away a lot of space. I like the way the forum is layed out a lot, but in this particular regard it would be nice if I've would be able to "Like" a post or "thank" for a post or something like that. Just to let people know that their opinion is heard and appreciated. And maybe  then you could add a "most liked" function to the ordering of post so that the reader can decide if he rather wants to see the posts in conversations, sorted by the latest or the most liked ones.

I would like to hear what you guys are thinking about this idea =)

Greetings ~ Borsti