Showing my parents esports - what's the best game to show them?

Hey guys and gals,

So I'm trying to get into esports full-time, currently I'm writing for ESL and doing my own blog thing. My parents are immensely supportive and think that what I'm doing is great.

Now they've made the commented that if they actually "watched" some esports, they might be able to understand it a but better.

So what is the best esports match to show my parents?

I was thinking Bomber vs. Scarlett at the Red Bull Battlegrounds, because that is heralded as such a great match. But, I remember at some point MLG was using lots of 'first person' views during their game, and those might be good to showcase what goes into being a pro-gamer.

I think Dota and LoL would be far too complicated for a complete outsider, but would Hearthstone actually be a little dull for them?

Please suggest the best game and the best match to show my parents!

With links if you can! :D


- Eiot "Balgrin" Miller