Trying to be Gosu: Advice on moving to South Korea?

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Hey gang,

So currently I live and teach English in China, close to beijing. I haven't really been enjoying it here, so I've set myself up to quit my job and run away to South Korea, in the hopes of eventually finding paid work in esports.

My plan is to go and volunteer at a hostel in Busan who have agreed to take me, stay there until I get my eye in for English teaching in S.K., and then use that to sustain me while I get more deeply involved in the esports industry.

I'm a volunteer columnist for ESFI (, and I will also write a blog about my adventure called "Trying to be Gosu".

So if anyone can tell me more about South Korea, living there, getting visas, wages of English teachers, or any other jobs - I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks guys!