Would you want to buy one of these?

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Hey everyone,

My name is Eliot, I write for ESL Gaming and I am tip-toeing into the world of esports blogging.

I also enjoy wood-carving, and I will be wearing this Hearthstone pendant I made at Gamescom!

What I was wondering though is:

Would you want to buy something like this, and how much would you pay?

I took a print-off of the hearthstone logo, outlined onto the wood and then carved it in, leaving a thick band around the edge to make it look like the flipped Hero Power 'coin'. It has a backboard with two holes to allow the thread to pass through. You can either wear it like a necklace, or 'Texan-tie' style with the thread hanging down (as I am).

It only took me a day and a half to make, so if people would actually like to buy these, I could make some more.