Former Diamond Zerg, Americas Server

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I'm looking for someone of a similar skill level that I can practice with. I played a little Brood War (D on ICCup) and a lot of StarCraft II (Diamond), although I mostly skipped Heart of the Swarm. I'm currently unranked, facing anyone from Silver to Diamond in the matchmaker.

I've always just played by feel and been fast enough to maintain rank on general knowledge of Brood War concepts. My builds are extremely messy, even nonexistent. I've never had anyone to sit down with and practice specific builds and timings. I think this has been my greatest weakness as a player, and I want to correct it. I want to learn the EXACT builds, EXACT timings, EXACT indicators, and EXACT responses of the game with someone, to write them down and constantly improve upon them.

If this sounds fun or beneficial to you, please add me! I'm on the Americas server, username Rowdy#114. I'll also try to hang out in the day9tv channel as recommended in the original post.

Fair warning, though: I have a tendency to reinvent the wheel. I don't mind grabbing a known build order and learning it, but I need to understand each step of the build when I do that. I need to learn what can be thrown out, what can be moved or modified, and what is vital to the build. For this reason, I tend to prefer developing my own ideas and then checking them against common builds to see if my instincts are correct. I can be kind of stubborn in this way, not because I reject known builds, but because following a script and being able to write the script are two very different things. I'll try not to let this get in the way too much.