Zergo here

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Zerg player looking for a practice group. I played Brood War as a kid back when it came out and picked it back up before SC2. I only ever managed a D rank on icCup. I was Diamond in SC2 but quit playing shortly after the beginning of Heart of the Swarm. I'd probably be Platinum these days. Remastered says my APM is about 150.

I just can't do ladder in RTS anymore. The wide range of matchups, maps, players, and strategies makes it too difficult to learn anything. I need to be able to sit down and practice the same thing a few games in a row until I've got it down. I need to be able to familiarize myself with my opponents' styles. In all my time playing SC2, I don't think my skill ever increased because all I did was ladder. I'm super interested in taking a different approach.

My US East profile is BeTheRowdy, but I can go to any server. Battletag Rowdy#1263.