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Well, I got a brood war team started when I was in High School. (As Always)            When I first told my friends that I was thinking about starting a school thing about BW (Because they knew I was quite a freak about sc [I got so many babes])           They kept telling me that BW was what mostly Koreans played and that the school wouldn't even allow it to get through.       I continued on and asked the "best teacher" If I would be able to get it going.             He told me "Hmm, It'll be one hell of a ride, but I think it'd go through, you just need to have all the pros and cons set already, like why would it be good for the school system in any way shape or form? Not only that, you'll need some support, how many students and parents support you in this idea? Its a game Martin, so like I said already, Its gonna be one hell of a ride"           I took all this info in and asked my parents about the idea of starting this kind've thing.          They practically told me the same thing the "Best teacher" told me, but they supported me in my idea because they saw how BW was and comparing how I was 16 and participating in tournaments that were occurring in Canada, they supported me every inch of the way.            After a while of surveying about who would support the idea and inquiring about the pros and cons of a team I FINALLY wrote a FORMAL letter to the principal about a BW club setup.            My letter had all of the pros and cons of starting a club and the support I had received and the main reason we should set the club up.                             I believe that this gaming club should be set up because gaming is not only a form of entertainment and fun but also a way of getting together and socializing. It helps the kids to think differently with how fast the game goes and what can happen in just a few seconds in the game. It brings the community together and encourages students the idea that school can be fun and teach a lot of things with a game.         BW isn't just some game, its a way of art, If you've seen how it is at any BW tournament or organized events, the community is huge and their all together because of their passion for a game. It unites the community and and brings up many topics for conversation.     This could be great for advancing a students learning and discipline because of how fun BW is and how much it can teach people about how to think twice before they make a move.               THIS IS JUST AN EXCERPT OF MY LETTER.                         I hope this helps you guys in your endeavor of promoting E-Sports.                               Of course in my high school it worked, and even other school adopted it because it was in fact quite successful, but in 2010 students lost interest and nobody brought up sc2 so this gaming spirit died in schools. But it was a great run