DayKnight Hearthstone Friends List (NA)

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My name is Michael and I'm an avid DayKnight and Hearthstone fan.  I love playing Hearthstone and watching the Daily for all the same reasons you do.  I've always felt like us DayKnights foster a special kind of community, so I'd like to create a one-stop-shop for any new (NA) Hearthstone players and/or DayKnights to find friends to play with.  I'll start us off!

Real Name: Michael
BattleTag: Bedouin#1925
Voice Chat: Yes, Skype/Vent/Mumble/Teamspeak
Playstyle: My favorite style of decks are control decks.
Willing to give help: Absolutely!  Feel free to message me in-game any time!

New Player Resources: The following links are considered good reads for players new to Hearthstone and TCG's in general.  Please note that any specific card related information on these sites may be out of date but the rules of thumb are still very applicable.

Hearthstone Forum's Beginner Guides:
Hearthstone Glossary:
Reddit's Beginner's Guide:
Advanced Arena Tips:
Arena Common Card Rankings:
Arena Guide:
Icy-Veins Arena Card Rankings:
Hearthstone Statistics Tracker:

Thanks for reading!  GL HF!