DayKnight Hearthstone Tournament - Concluded

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Attention all valiant DayKnight Hearthstone Heroes!  It is my great pleasure to announce the very first DayKnight Hearthstone Tournament!  There are a lot of moving parts necessary for a smooth event, so please read the following information thoroughly and feel free to reply with any questions you may have.  This post will be continually updated as questions are asked and information becomes available.  A great big shout out to LordMatsu for laying the foundation for a DayKnight tournament and tons of support!

Who can compete?

All DayKnights are welcome to apply, limited to 16 on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Competitors will be listed here.


Tournament Date: Sunday, June 1st 2014, 10:00am PST - 2:00pm PST




  • No legendary cards
  • Competitors are chosen on a first come first serve basis
  • Matches are single elimination, best of one style
  • All interested competitors MUST be able to screen-share (See FAQ)
  • All decklists MUST be submitted by May 25th and once submitted, may NOT be changed. (See FAQ)
  • Competitors must choose three decks of three different heroes and may switch between ONLY those three decks as they wish during the tournament.


  • Four hours on Sunday, June 1st 2014
  • 10:00am PST – 11:00am PST: The first round of four games are played
  • 11:00am PST – 12:00pm PST: The second round of four games are played
  • 12:00pm PST – 1:00pm PST: The four quarterfinal games are played
  • 1:00pm PST – 2:00pm PST: The final two semifinal games, third place game, and the final championship game is played (four games in total).


1st Place: Day[9] DayKnight T-shirt
2nd Place: Day[9] Keycap

3rd Place: Day[9] Sticker

How to apply?

If you’d like to sign up to compete, ShoutCast, or simply volunteer, follow this link.  Deadline to sign up is May 25th.

Decklists -  Click HERE to view the tournament decklists

All decklists must be submitted here no later than May 25th.  A sample deck list screen shot can be found here.

Contact Info

Please post any questions, comments, or feedback in reply to this thread.  You may also e-mail me here.

  1. Why is the tournament being limited to 16 players?

    This being our first tournament, we didn’t want things to get out of hand with too many people.  This first attempt is about getting the foundation in place for a fun, stable experience for everyone.  With the lessons learned from this tournament, we plan on organizing another one soon after that will allow ALL interested DayKnights to participate.

  2. Why MUST competitors be able to screen share?

    This first tournament is taking place in a single day over the course of four hours.  We want it to be exciting and allow as many DayKnights to participate as possible.  Since only 16 can actually compete, we want the rest to be able to watch.   Future tournaments will allow for non-screen sharing DayKnights to play offline games and move up the bracket.

  3. One day of four hours seems like a small tournament.

    It is.  We wanted this first go to be something easily digestible for both organizers and participants.  We’d love to see the DayKnight Hearthstone community grow and continue to put on tournaments in the future which is why this first experience is so important.  We want to make sure we do well so future events can be even better!

  4. Why not wait until Blizzard implements their own tournament or observer system?

    We could wait, but that may not be until the end of this year or later.  We know there are many DayKnight Hearthstone players who would love to do a tournament now, and we do too.

  5. Why are legendary cards off limits?

    This is to allow everyone a chance in the spirit of fair play.

  6. I am interested in ShoutCasting but I don’t have any experience.  Can I still apply?

    Absolutely!  Just follow the application link above!

  7. I would like to volunteer, how do I submit my information?

    Just follow the very same application link above.

  8. I don’t use Google+, how can I still participate?

    You may use Skype as an alternative method for screen sharing.

  9. I know I can screen share but I need help, can you help me?

    Yes!  The event organizers and volunteers are here to help you get all set up for the tournament ahead of time.  This is why we’ve given a month head start for people to prepare.

  10. What happens if I sign up but can’t make it on tournament day?

    We are accepting some competition applicants beyond the 16 limit just in case.  They will be notified if a competitor drops out and needs to be replaced.

  11. How are prizes being handled?

    At the conclusion of the tournament and the winners have been declared, they will give me their address and their prize will be shipped to them.

  12. Your application said something about donations, what’s up with that?

    We aren’t yet asking for donations to help fund the prizes, but we might.  If we do, it’ll be posted here.

  13. What are the minimum requirements for me to compete?

    Fill out and submit the form at the link above.  If you’re selected to compete, you will then need to be able to share your screen using Google+ or Skype.  That’s it!  Keep checking this thread to see if you made the cut and if so, just show up on tournament day ready to battle!

  14. Where will the list of chosen competitors and their decks be posted?

    The names of the 16 lucky DayKnights, along with their decks, will be posted here in this thread.

  15. Is this tournament limited to the Americas region only?

    Yes.  If there is enough DayKnight interest in other regions and this first tournament goes well, we may expand into those areas.

  16. Do I need to be a paying/subscribed DayKnight to participate?

    Nope!  The competition is open to all DayKnights on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Everyone else is invited to join us on competition day and watch the action!

  17. Do you have a system to deal with more interest than the space available?

    A small "waiting pool" of competitors, roughly two in size, will be allowed to signup beyond the 16 limit.  These competitors will be chosen to sub-in for any other competitor who does not show up on tournament day.  They will be contacted ahead of time and informed of their "waiting pool" status.

  18. Is Sean involved in any way?

    Not yet, but we will definitely let him know about the tournament.