DayKnight Hearthstone Tournament - Wrap Up

Our DayKnight Hearthstone Tournament was a huge success!  We had a fantastic four hours of card combat concluding in a climax of carnage!  A great big congratulations to our three tournament winners who took home amazing prizes.

1st Place: Greedo - Day[9] DayKnight T-shirt
2nd Place: Archimedes - Day[9] Keyboard Keycap
3rd Place: ckchessmaster - Day[9] Sticker

For anyone who missed the tournament or would like to re-watch the battles, the full tournament, highlights, match edits, or any other footage, all of it is available to watch at these locations:


I'd like to give a very special thanks to our two amazing shoutcasters, Joe and Stéphane, as well as our volunteer, Hien.  Without these three superheroes, the tournament would never have been as awesome or gone as smoothly.  I'd also like to give a shout out to Michael Matsuhara who originally laid the foundation on which our tournament was built.  Finally, TrumpetMCool for plugging the tournament during DayKnight Time as well as Stephanie and the whole Day[9] crew for their support.

Thank you again, and as Sean likes to remind us, "We may not be the best, we're definitely not the worst, but we try real hard."