Help Wanted in Naming of Planets, Characters, etc for Space-RTS

Myself and a group of people I an antiquated with are currently in the process of designing a game of similar design to that of the Total War games - except this game will be based in space, and will have about 20 species, over 1000 planets and stars (each), over 500 specific characters, and over 1000 randomly-spawned characters. My job in this is to develop the back-story, plot, information on every species, etc. I have already done all the naming of species, etc, but I am currently only on about 200 Planets, 200 stars, and 50 characters. I can only come up with so many names, even when listing things at random. Any help you guys are willing to add would be AWESOME.

Also, I've named some things specifically after stuff related to Day9 and others in chat, after asking for ideas from the chat before a Daily recently. These include, thus far:

  • Daystoth - Planet
  • Felicitopia - Planet
  • Manfredor - Planet
  • Seanine - Planet
  • Artosis - Planet
  • Faustalus - Planet
  • Saben - Planet

Once again, thanks for any input you may be willing to add!